What Your Alarm Company Can Do For You

Jan 21, 2019


You might be surprised at the scope of services an alarm company can offer. Get peace of mind while protecting your property and your family. You’d expect home security systems from a residential alarm company, but often there’s much more. Look for an alarm company that can offer a broad scope of services to tailor your home security.

Alarm Company Services

Alarm companies can offer more than alarm systems. These offerings can include cameras, monitoring, and home automation so you can take complete control of your home’s protection. Partner with an experienced alarm company to modernize and protect your home with a variety of options and services.

  • Home Security: A security system is often the first thing many people think of when alarm companies come to mind. Home security systems can provide you with protection and peace of mind. They can detect and monitor intrusions, panic alarms, fires, and medical emergencies. Homeowners have many options to choose from to create a tailored protection system.
  • Security Cameras: Professionally installed, high-quality security camera systems have many advantages. As a user, you can have remote access on your phone or computer. You’ll be able to access live or recorded video footage from anywhere at any time.
  • Business Security: Business security systems take monitoring a step further.  These systems can provide reports detailing daily opening and closings. Owners can also see which employees armed and disarmed the system.
  • New Construction: Pre-wiring for security is a smart move if you’re building a new home or office. Tapping a fully licensed alarm company to do it is even smarter. Your property will be fully protected from day one.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring your home means real people are responding to your alarms. They’ll first contact you to see if it’s a real emergency. If needed, they can quickly dispatch the fire department, police, or medical professionals. They can even get in touch with your emergency call list.
  • Home Automation: The future is here! An alarm company can help you automate your locks, air conditioning, garage door, lights, and more. Control everything on timers and from your phone.
  • Online Client Portal: Using an online portal makes doing your business with alarm company quick and easy. Handle billing, update your account, access user manuals, and download certificates for home insurance discounts.  

South Louisiana’s Alarm Center

For more than 30 years, Alarm Center has been serving home and business owners throughout south Louisiana. We’re based in Baton Rouge and accredited by multiple associations. To get in touch, give us a call at (800) 972-5276. We offer free estimates for homeowners. Fill out our online form, and we’ll be in touch to get started on a free quote for your home’s alarm system. You can also contact us online or email us at office@alarm.net.

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