Advantages of Security Cameras in Baton Rouge

Dec 17, 2018


Have you heard of Next Door? It’s a social networking site for neighborhoods. If you’ve spent any amount of time on it, you’ve probably seen security camera pictures. Many users post them when they catch suspicious activity. Many homeowners feel safer with security cameras in Baton Rouge. Cameras monitor homes, collect evidence of wrong-doings, and can even help prevent crimes.   

Security in Baton Rouge

The City of Baton Rouge regularly reports crime statistics for the area—including burglaries and robberies. In case you didn’t know, a burglary differs from a robbery in that there was no one home when the crime occurred. According to its site, there were more than 3,000 burglaries in the Baton Rouge area in 2017. The number of robberies was under 900. It’s evident that more theft happens when your house is left unattended. Protect your belongings and property when you’re away with security cameras.

Advantages of Security Cameras

Security cameras can offer you more than just peace of mind. If you’re considering getting security cameras, the benefits certainly outweigh any hesitations.

  • Deter Crime: Just the presence of security cameras can help prevent burglaries. If they see a camera, would-be criminals might skip your house altogether. The fear of being easily caught can be a good deterrent.
  • Collect Evidence: If something does happen, your cameras will have recorded it. The system makes it easy to share with officials. Law enforcement officers can use your footage as clues to help find the perpetrators. Later, this evidence the cameras capture can prosecute them.
  • Monitor Activity: Security cameras can stream the footage almost anywhere you’d like. View it from your smartphone, tablet, or any computer—worldwide! Imagine being on vacation and knowing who’s at your front door. Checking to see if that Amazon package finally came while you’re at work.

Your Options

How many cameras you need and where you place them depends on the size and layout of your home. An experienced team of security experts can help you use them to their best advantage. Choose between a four, six, eight, or 16 cameras. You’ll likely want cameras on all your exterior doors. Maybe a few directed toward your backyard and driveway as well. See what your security technician suggests and make your plan of attack! Once your cameras are installed, you can learn all the ways you can access your footage.

Alarm Center Security in Baton Rouge

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