“Security System Company Near Me”

Feb 27, 2019


How many times have you been unsure of where to go when you really needed something done? “Chinese food near me,” “Movie Theaters near me,” “salons near me.” Who knows, we might even be able to piece together your likes and dislikes based on just your search history. On a more serious note, there might be a time where you and your home are in need of protection. Not knowing who to call, you’ll probably search “security system company near me.” At Alarm Center Security, we’re proud to serve more than 20 cities around Baton Rouge.

Why We’re The Best Choice To Protect You

Quite plainly, we’re the best at what we do. Even the Internet knows it. However, it’s recommendations from our previous clients that best demonstrate how we’re a trusted and reliable company. Just as you wouldn’t go to a restaurant without a review, why would you get home security without hearing from those who’ve worked with it?

What We Do For You

Alarm Center Security offers more protection than our competitors at a reasonable price. We offer an array of services, each giving you the best security available.

  • Home Security: We offer three packages for flexibility. Each of these offers full protection of the home.
  • Business Security: See when your business was opened and closed for the day. Never worry about your assets.
  • New Construction: We recommend pre-wiring to all mid-construction homes! Tuck away pesky wires and sensors.
  • Monitoring: We’re always ready for an emergency. Once an accident occurs, we respond within moments, sending you any aid you may need in the process.
  • Home Automation: Sometimes the best security is more physical. No, put down the bat. We offer an array of lights, thermostats, padlocks, and more.

Additionally, we also offer complete control from your phone, PC, or tablet on some of our plans. Your comfort and protection are our top priorities.

“Security System Company Near Me?” You must mean “Alarm Center Security!”

Unlike our competitors, we got to where we are today through the trust and dedication of those we serve. Alarm Center Security’s home can be found at 11410 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge. We know that not everyone can make it in to see us, so please, give us a call at 225-292-5276 if that works better for you. If you’d rather contact us directly, go ahead and fill out a form online. We’re always sure to get in touch ASAP. Your safety means the world to us, so we do as much as we can. So, the next time you Google “security system company near me,” just remember the name “alarm center security.” Better security is just a click away.

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