Keeping Holidays Safe With Custom Security Systems In Baton Rouge

Dec 11, 2019


With the holiday season, many of us aren’t going to be home come Thanksgiving and Christmas. So during this time of year, our homes need more protection than ever. You require a security system with the customization you want and the power you deserve. But why should you choose custom security systems in Baton Rouge over something else? See how a custom system could save your holiday cheer.

What Can You Do With Our Custom Security Systems In Baton Rouge?

With our home automation services, you can control your entire security system from the palm of your hand. You have the ability to manage your entire system—including video cameras, locks, garage door, lights, and more. Currently, two of our systems can be accessed with your phone—the IQ2 Advanced and IQ2 Advanced Plus. For added protection, you can have up to 16 cameras at once. Find custom security systems in Baton Rouge that give you real safety with Alarm Center.

Alarm Systems Keep The Grinches Away

If you’re not home, a burglar will often look for the tell-tale signs to make a move. However, these criminals often turn tail when they see you have an alarm system. You’d be surprised what that little sign in your front yard can really do! The University of Carolina found that of the burglars they interviewed, 60% said they’d seek another target because of an alarm system. Imagine narrowly escaping that situation! These decals—and the system they represent—are a great way to protect yourself before anything even happens.

Speaking of protecting yourself, this time of year is also the peak time for house fires. Be sure to keep an eye on your candles and Christmas trees especially. While most synthetic trees are flame-retardant, natural trees are still at risk. Even though your tree looks magical next to the fire, you need to choose another special spot in your home for your tree instead. One out of four Christmas tree fires were caused by a heat source that was too close. Keep your tree moist, healthy, and away from the heat to lower the chance of a fire ruining your merry-making.

Try Out Our Custom Security Systems In Baton Rouge Today

Be ready for this holiday season with the right security system. Get a free estimate from us today and see which of our products is right for you. If you happen to have any questions concerning our custom security systems in Baton Rouge, please call (225) 292-5276, send an email to, or send us a message. We look forward to answering all of your questions and concerns. All we want for Christmas is you(r safety)!

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