Scam Alert! Beware the Door Knocker Salesman!

Jun 17, 2016


A knock on the door during the summer months may not be a friendly visitor. Summertime is when door-to-door salesmen make their rounds and, very often, what they’re peddling is a scam to trick people into switching from their reputable alarm company.

BBB & FTC Warnings

The BBB and the FTC both warn people about purchasing alarm systems from unsolicited salesmen. Both see complaints rolling in every summer from people, especially the elderly, who have been duped into buying an alarm system from an unscrupulous salesperson or switching to an unlicensed alarm company they cannot, now, reach or get out from under.

Alarm Company Door Knockers Should Leave You Alarmed

These fly-by-night companies are not locally owned or operated, and will use deceptive tactics to try and get you to switch to them. Some tactics our own customers experienced with these door-to-door salesmen are:

  • State that they work for Alarm Center Security yet show up with no appointment (we NEVER solicit or go door-to-door).
  • Claim they are there to “upgrade” your existing system.
  • Claim to be offering a certain number of “free” systems in your neighborhood.
  • Misrepresent that Alarm Center Security is “going out of business”.

The FTC also notes these classic signs of a security system sales scam:

  • They may make a time-limited offer and claim you need to act now.
  • They may pressure their way into your home and then refuse to leave.
  • They may outright use scare tactics, such as claiming there has been a rash of burglaries in your neighborhood.

It is important to remember that those selling security door-to-door are often not licensed to sell alarm systems in the state of Louisiana. This means that the salesman you are letting into your home, and the installers who will come in after you agree to buy what he’s selling, have not undergone criminal background checks.

Exercise Caution

You should always exercise caution when letting someone in the door. Ensure you are always dealing with a reputable alarm professional by taking the following steps:

  • Don’t answer the door if you don’t know who is knocking.
  • Ask for an ID badge, business card or literature with their company name.
  • Ask for their State Alarm License Number. All Alarm Center Security representatives have required state licenses.

You should also do your research. If you are considering going with the company, check online reviews and, especially, the BBB, the FTC and your state Attorney General. Some of these companies employing door-to-door salesmen have been run out of multiple states, including Louisiana, for unscrupulous practices and have returned under a new company name. Be an informed consumer and know who you are dealing with.

Be wary of anyone knocking on your door and be sure to alert your family and friends to also be on guard this summer. Remember to keep the tips outlined here in mind and be sure that anyone you let into your home is coming from a licensed, reputable company.

Report The Scam

If you believe that you have been a victim of these door-to-door scam sales or are aware of them going on in your neighborhood, please contact us immediately at (225) 292-5276. You can also email us at

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