How Can The Right Alarm Company Near New Orleans Help You?

Oct 15, 2019


The city of New Orleans is world-renowned for its history, music, food, and culture. Where else can you combine the likes of gumbo, jazz, and Voodoo melded together into an essence permeating throughout a city? Locals refer to it as NOLA and it is truly a magical place—almost like stepping back in time if only for a moment. 

Anyone ever heard of a little festival called Mardi Gras? When referencing the Big Easy, Mardi Gras often comes to mind for most, but there is also a darker reality that the city prefers to keep out of the limelight. According to recent stats, our beloved city’s crime rate is three times that of the country’s. That being said, this should not be a deterrent in visiting or living in New Orleans, but it is more of a reason to hire the best alarm company on this side of the Mississippi.  

Security The New Orleans Way

Have zero fear when Alarm Center Security is near! Though it may sound cliché, we really have been servicing the state of Louisiana and cities such as New Orleans since 1978. We predate the internet for all of you millennials readers out there! With more than 10,000 systems installed and counting, we like to think we know a thing or two about security systems. Our goal for the residents of New Orleans is simple: to keep your home or local business safe. You might be asking yourself “How can your company make that happen?” Easy, by providing the best Home Security, Business Security, and Security Camera Systems on the market today.

Additional Services We Offer 

Just like the famous New Orleans Saints, our company is not a one-trick pony. We offer more than just standard security amenities:

  • New Construction – We offer pre-wiring during the building of your new home or business to keep you completely state of the art. 
  • Monitoring – We have eyes on your valuables 24/7 with alerts coming straight to our monitoring facility in case of your alarm being tripped. 
  • Home Automation – The convenience of controlling everything from your security system, cameras, locks, garage door, lights, and thermostat all from one easy to use app. Now that is a touchdown! Am I right?

Now that you know how we do security systems with all the trimmings in New Orleans, request a free estimate today!  

Contact An Alarm Company In New Orleans

Quality means you only have to buy it once. That is what you get from the best alarm company in New Orleans. So, give our team at Alarm Center Security a call toll-free at (800) 972-5276 or send us an email at for additional questions. By the time you wait it’s already too late, so contact our team ASAP.

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