Phones Changed How Safety Works

Nov 08, 2019


It seems like everyone has a cellphone. Even some kids in elementary school have iPhones, but their parents will tell you why: safety. In the event something happens to their child, there’s a quick and easy way to get in contact with them. But something like this was unheard of 20 or 30 years ago. Today, safety is the name of the game at Alarm Center Security. Find out from our alarm company near Lafayette how the device in your pocket has changed the way we stay safe.

Phones Can Be A Saving Grace

Back in the day before phones were mobile, things required a bit more planning. If you were walking home alone at night, you were on your own! And even when the first mobile phone came out, the battery only lasted around half an hour. 

But with mobile phones, you don’t have to actually be alone. In fact, you could skip the walk altogether. With rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, getting a ride is easy. But if you do have to get your steps in, there are a handful of safety apps to choose from. Some even choose to talk to a close friend on their way home. It all depends on how you want to take control of your safety. 

In The Current Day, Phones Can…

With how fast technology is moving, new features seem to pop up with every update. It can be hard to keep up sometimes! In the event that you’re in need of emergency help, some phones have made it super easy to contact them. For example, on iPhone 8s and later models, holding down the side button and a volume button causes an emergency services slider to appear. For those with older iPhones, you would have to rapidly press the side or top button five times. Even if you have location services turned off, your phone will send a text message showing your current location. With time, it’s hopeful that other mobile phones will adopt a similarly easy contact method.

Take Control Of Your Home With Your Phone

Home security is also getting a facelift. With the Alarm Center app, we’ve made it so you can control your security system anytime, anywhere—right from your phone. See who has locked up your home, when there’s an intruder, or just open your garage all from one app. Feel that your home is protected—even when you’re not there—with the best alarm company near Lafayette.

Contact Our Alarm Company Near Lafayette For More Info

We’re ready to help you protect your home better than ever! If you’re ready to begin your home protection, get a free estimate from us. Have a question or two for our professionals? Just give us a call at (225)292-5276 or send us a message online. Get the help you deserve from our alarm company near Lafayette.

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