How Monitoring Works At An Alarm Company Near You

Apr 08, 2019


We were surprised to find out how many people don’t know how your alarm system monitors your home! No matter if it’s an alarm company near me or you, the systems all generally work the same. However, how fast a company responds and the quality of the system should fuel your decision. At Alarm Center Security, we offer top-of-the-line security for a price you can afford. Find out how we at Alarm Center protect your home.

How It All Works

Like we said, very few people seem to know how this whole process works. So, we want to get everyone in the know. Protecting your home requires more than just a panel and some wires.

Let’s run through the motions. Here’s a short list of what happens when your security system trips:

  1. A signal is sent to your control panel to our monitoring facility, the U.L. Listed Central Station.
  2. We call you to verify the alarm. In the event of a false alarm, you’ll give us a password that we’ll keep on file.
  3. The Central Station then dispatches the proper necessary authorities. These include the police, fire department, or a medical team.
  4. Our staff uses your emergency call list to notify you of the situation so you’re there every step of the way.

We serve over 23 cities in Louisiana, so our station and equipment need to be strong for all of those signals! Thankfully, we constantly replace our equipment to ensure our customers have the newest and most reliable on the market. We know our customers deserve nothing less.

What Is A U.L. Listed Central Station?

So, the Central Station is usually where people get lost. What is it and what is a U.L. listing? Well, long story short, our Central Station is our base of operations. Every single one of our security systems has a connection to the equipment there. Unlike a local alarm, we take the time to call the authorities for you in the case of an emergency.

Also, the U.L. listing is a professional way of saying that we are up-to-date with all necessary regulations. Because of our U.L. listing, you’re guaranteed to have a more professional and reliable service. We at Alarm Center Security feel that every alarm company near me or you should live up to these standards.

“Contact An Alarm Company Near Me”

We have made it exceptionally easy to contact us for whatever you need. Getting in touch with us can be done in a few ways. You can reach us at (225) 292-5276 or at our toll-free number, (800) 972-5276. If emailing is more your speed, our address is Perhaps you’re more direct and want to speak to us face to face. No worries! You can find our home in Baton Rouge at 11410 Airline Highway. Additionally, we offer an online form to give our clients a secure way to ask us questions. And on top of that, everyone has the chance to receive a free estimate. Contact today to get in touch with a quality alarm company near me—or you!

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