Know What’s Happening When You Aren’t There

Sep 28, 2017

Having a camera system installed in or outside of your home is a great idea but it can’t protect you in real time. If you are robbed, all you can do is review the recorded footage in the hopes something was caught that the police can use.
Our smart camera systems send you alerts so that you can ACT to protect your home. Enjoy instant, real-time video in or outside of your home at anytime and from anywhere. Built-in motion sensors record automatically as well as alerting your smart phone. In an alarm event, your home’s cameras begin recording automatically, ensuring that you won’t miss vital footage.

What Makes Our Cameras Better?

Our wireless indoor and outdoor cameras let you see what’s happening in HD resolution, with our newest cameras offering 1080p. Use your fingertips on your smartphone or tablet to zoom in for a close-up view.
Our indoor cameras now also provide two-way audio, allowing you to check in and chat with your loved ones when you’re away from home.
When something goes bump in the night, our cameras’ infrared night vision makes it easy to see what’s going on.

We also have smart video doorbells!

When someone rings the bell, a live video feed opens on your smart phone showing you who’s there in real time. Have a two-way conversation with your visitor via a connected microphone and speaker in the doorbell.
Want to let them in? Unlock your door from the same app – whether you’re home or not. Motion-triggered video alerts will also let you know if someone is moving around your front door whether they ring the bell or not…a great way to catch lurking thieves thinking of breaking in or stealing anything.

Video Is Easily Viewed and Shared

Using the same app that controls your security system, you can easily share your video clips via message, email, and even social media.
Call us at (225) 292-5276, visit us at to learn more, or stop by the office – on the corner of Airline Hwy. and Siegen Lane – for a live demo!
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