An Alarm Company In Metairie Who Has Your Back

Aug 20, 2019


What makes a great alarm company? Naturally, some people might say customer service or a variety of security options. But take it from the professionals, these only scratch the surface of what makes a great company. There is so much to look into when you’re choosing an alarm company to protect your home or business. After all, you deserve the best alarm company in Metairie to protect what is most important to you.

Why All The Fuss?

It might come as a shock, but the property crime rate in Metairie is above the national median. In fact, the chances of you becoming a victim of property crime in Metairie are 1 in 36. That is why we believe now, more than ever, is the time to plan for a safer tomorrow. Alarm Center has the services to make sure your household does not become another unfortunate statistic. 

Our standard of service is providing more than just a security system. We believe in simplifying your security process with aspects like: 

  1. Free Estimates: Our team provides a speedy quote once you fill out a brief form on our estimates page. 
  2. Services: One size does not always fit all. So we have an array of security options available to meet any need that might arise.  
  3. Client Portal: We have an easy-to-access client portal which allows you to do everything from paying a bill to speaking with our tech support team. 
  4. Making The Call:  Alarm Center wouldn’t be much of a security company if we didn’t step in when you need it. We provide 24/7 monitoring for our clients. In the case of an event, our pros call emergency services in case you cannot. 

We take your security very seriously and consider it our top priority. Burglars and property crimes are no laughing matter to us. Because of that fact, we want you to be ready to take on the worst.

Tips For Having A Safer Home

Now that you understand why security is so important, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your home a little bit safer. 

  • Burglars prefer to work during the day because this is when most people are at work or running errands. That being said, having at home indicators such as the television or radio turned on could be a helpful deterrent for potential thieves. 
  • Homeowners also need to stay mindful of what they put into the trash. Many burglars go through garbage in order to gain incites on the valuables inside a home. For example, if you recently purchased an expensive TV,it would be a good idea to not leave the box intact in the trash, but rather cut up the packaging to make it as inconspicuous as possible.    
  • Also, keep your home well-kept and well lit. A well-kept home is a signal to outsiders that the home is inhabited and eliminates potential hiding spots that thieves could utilize. To continue, make sure that bicycles, BBQ pits, and lawn care equipment are stored after use to prevent a quick grab. Although most burglaries occur during the daytime, having lighting along the exterior and around the doorstep enables viewability for neighbors and passing traffic—making it more difficult for a potential burglar to go unseen or make a discreet getaway.    
  • Finally, use an alarm system from a reliable alarm company! An alarm system greatly increases the security of your home. Sign indicators and the regular usage of your system will provide peace of mind when you’re away. Remember—the end game is convincing a thief that your home is too difficult of a job for them to manage. 

Interested In The Best Alarm Company In Metairie?

Alarm Center Security is your most trusted alarm company in Metairie since 1978. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for the security of your home or business, give us a call! You can reach us at (225) 292-5276, or visit our contact page. Our hours are from 8 a.m to 5 p. m. Monday through Friday. Trust the local experts at Alarm Center Security and make an appointment with us today! 

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