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Prairieville is a pleasant city with a small town vibe, but occasionally criminals can disturb the peace. Louisiana has always had higher rates of property crime compared to the rest of the nation and we at Alarm Center Security find that alarming. We’ve been protecting homes for over forty years. Since then we’ve helped more than 10,000 family and friends. We want to extend a hand to our friends in Prairieville and help you secure your homes before something happens.  


As a fully licensed and insured alarm company, Alarm Center Security is always ready to help you in the following services:

  • Monitoring: Alarm Central Security monitors your alarm system’s emergency signals at all hours of the day from our U.L. Listed Central Station. Using our state-of-the-art security equipment we can take the signal we receive from you and discover what kind of emergency you’re having. From there we will send the police, the fire department, or an ambulance to come to your aid.  
  • Home Automation: Alarms aren’t the only security we offer. Some people feel better with a more physical sense of security. Whenever you might be in need of deadbolts, thermostats, lights, or any other security device, we’re ready to jump in and give you what you need.
  • Home Security: Full protection of the home with the comfort and flexibility you need. We offer three choices of security systems: the IQ2 Basic, the IQ2 Advanced, and the IQ2 Advanced Plus. If you choose our IQ2 Advanced or Advanced Plus plans, you can go one step further and gain complete control from the accessibility of your phone.
  • Business Security: Homes aren’t the only thing we protect, the safety of your business matters just as much to us. Once the system is set up in your place of business, we can show you more than ever. For example, our system can show you when your business has been opened and closed for the day and also which employee armed and disarmed the system for the day.
  • New Construction: It’s never too early to invest in a security system. At Alarm Central Security, we recommend to pre-wiring homes in the beginning or middle of construction. Going through pre-wiring a house ensures that most of the sensors and wires will be hidden away inside the walls of your home, that way you’ll start your new home with a clean feeling.
  • Security Cameras: Our security cameras are so high-def you’ll never miss a burglar or even a bug. Pick up and connect any smartphone, tablet, or PC to the system and you can choose to view live or recorded video whenever at a moment’s notice.

Compared to other local alarm companies, Alarm Center Security offers more protection because we want your home and family safer. We have confidence that we at Alarm Center Security are quickly becoming the best choice of alarm company in Prairieville.

Come find us at 11410 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge. We’re up and running from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can give us a call at 225-292-5276 or contact us here. We look forward to adding you to the Alarm Center Security family.

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