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The population of Kenner is around 66,702, give or take. That’s a lot of people and homes that need protecting. With more than forty years of experience and 10,000 homes serviced, Alarm Center Security wants to take a part in lowering the high property crime rates in Louisiana. The rate of crime in Louisiana has always been higher than the rest of the nation, nearly 40% higher as of recent. However, we believe that with our help, we can make progress in lowering that number.


As a fully licensed and insured alarm company, we know our stuff. Our certifications let you know that we have your back with the following services:

  • Home Security: Have some flexibility in your choice of safety. We offer three choices of systems to protect you and your home and each provide full protection of the home, with more to offer with each one. Additionally, the Advanced and Advanced Plus plans offer complete control of your new system from the accessibility of your phone.
  • Monitoring: Our U.L. Listed Central Station located in Baton Rouge is monitoring your alarm system’s alert signals around all day every day with the help of our top-of-the-line security equipment. Once received, we’ll be able to know exactly what aid you need and will send police, ambulances, or the fire department to give you a helping hand in an emergency.
  • Home Automation: It never hurts to be more safe. If protection systems aren’t enough for you, we also have a large selection of home automation equipment available. Deadbolts, lights, or thermostats, you never know what you’ll need until you take a good look at what we have in store.
  • Business Security: “Job Security” takes on a brand new meaning. Protecting fellow businesses is just as important to us as protecting your homes. With this system, you can see specific events for every day such as when your business has been opened and closed for the day and which employee armed and disarmed the system. Leaving the latter to your employees also creates a system of trust for your company.
  • New Construction: A house in the middle of construction is just as important as a twenty-year-old home. Alarm Central Security provides protection to mid-construction homes by setting up our system before you’re done building. Taking the time to pre-wire your home removes any clutter that would’ve been seen in a completed home. Any wires or sensors will be tucked away, out of sight, giving you and your new home a clean aesthetic.
  • Security Cameras: You could spot a bug with these high-definition cameras. With the use of any personal smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can view live or recorded footage at a moment’s notice.

We at Alarm Center Security know for a fact that we could the best alarm company choice for you in Kenner. We offer more protection than other local alarm companies, meaning we make your home a safer place to live.

Want to stop by? Our office is at 11410 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If that doesn’t work for you, please call us at 225-292-5276 or contact us here. We look forward to providing the security you need and adding you to the Alarm Center Security family.

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