A Security System in Louisiana You Can Rely On

Feb 10, 2020


The Best, Affordable Security System in Louisiana 

In the world of home security, it’s important to know what you’re paying for. You could spend an arm and a leg on a security system providing you the same features we offer for a fraction of the cost. Our affordable home security solutions come in three packages: 

  • IQ2 Basic: Starting at a monthly rate of $32.95 a month, our basic package includes 24-hour monitoring, a motion sensor, three door/window sensors, a 4G LTE cellular module, a seven-inch HD touchscreen panel and so much more. 
  • IQ2 Advanced: Starting at $37.95 a month, our advanced package gives you all the amenities of the basic with the added value of an arm/disarm mobile app and customizable notifications. 
  • IQ2 Advanced Plus: Starting at $42.95 a month, our advanced plus package offers all of the amenities of the advanced package, but up to an additional four indoor/outdoor cameras.
  • Home Automation Add-Ons: With the purchase of a monitoring agreement, we can provide you the option to automate your locks, lights, thermostat, and/or garage door with the simple push of a button.

Securing your home does not have to be complicated when you hire our team at Alarm Center Security Systems. Our security systems come with a personal promise of fast installation and friendly service and support. You don’t have to take our word for it—check out the testimonials of our customers. 

The Benefits Of A Security System

When deciding if a home or office security system is right for you, it’s good to have an understanding of all the pros and cons. According to a recent safety report, there are more than 2 MILLION burglaries reported in the U.S. each year. Additionally, data indicates that this number could be cut drastically if a security system is installed. That being said, the biggest pro of a security system is to deter crime. From a return-on-investment standpoint, the US Department of Justice, the average homeowner suffers a loss of $2,000 in stolen goods and property. However, our advanced plus package amounts to a fraction of that loss per year—not to mention the peace of mind comes with knowing your home is secure. The biggest con is not getting a free quote from us before it is too late. 

A Security System in Louisiana That You Can Rely On

When your home is involved it’s important to utilize a reliable security system. After all, what is a security system if it doesn’t “secure” your home? That’s why—when it’s time to pick a security system in Louisiana—you need to rely on the expertise of our team at Alarm Center Security Systems. Our company has been protecting Louisiana homes for the last four decades and our name has been trusted as the first line of defense against intruders. Experience the difference and learn more about us today.  

Get A Free Estimate On A Security System From Alarm Center

Get a free estimate from our team for home or office security today.  If you have any questions concerning our security systems in Louisiana, please call (225) 292-5276 or feel free to send an email to office@alarm.net. Our team is ready to provide you fast and friendly service for all your security needs. These range from providing systems for new constructions to adding additional security cameras to existing ones. Experience the added peace of mind you deserve with Alarm Center Security Systems of Louisiana. 

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