IQ2 Panel

An IQ2 Panel is a security and smarthome platform that will serve as the “brain” of your home. With it you can control your lights, locks, thermostat, security and much more.





All In One. Always Connected. 

The IQ2 Panel features a 7″ capacitive touchscreen and 5MP panel camera that allows you to capture disarm photos and send them to your phone.

Even when you are not at home you are always connected to your IQ2 Panel with the app. Arm your system, adjust your thermostat, lock your door, view your cameras and receive notifications and alerts sent via e-mail or text message. The panel even turns into a customizable photo frame when not in use.

Using the Interactive Services, create scenes that are applicable to your lifestyle and daily habits. Use smart, connected devices around your home to create an energy efficient, intelligent ecosystem.

Create a scene that helps secure your home for bedtime. With a touch, you can lock your front door, turn on your porch lights, turn off your main living area lights and then arm your security system in “Stay” mode.

You can also create automation rules to help make your home smarter and more secure. Set rules specific to when you go further than 5 miles from your home, or when you come within 1 mile of your home.

In the past, an intruder could break into your home triggering the alarm, hunt down the panel to rip it off the wall or smash it before it can communicate properly to the authorities.

The IQ2 Panel comes with Crash & Smash protection which means that when the intruder triggers the alarm, whether or not they smash the panel, it’s too late. Your monitoring station knows they are there and will follow the proper protocols to dispatch your authorities.


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